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MIOTA Coin Analysis What is IOTA? IOTA is an ambitious M2M (machine to machine) network that runs on a DAG (directed acyclic graph) which differs from traditional blockchains insofar that multiple chains can exist and interconnect which may allow for greater scalability. In theory, the more users the faster and more secure the chain becomes as every user or machine has to validate one prior transaction before broadcasting his own onto the network (this is done via PoW). IOTA has teamed up with many successful companies such as Bosch, Cisco, VW and others to create a network that goes far beyond finance and expands the universe of cryptographic networks to novel use cases.

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$MIOTA πŸ’΅ price: $0.23 0.00003BTC 1h: -0.19% πŸ”» 1d: -5.67% πŸ”» 7d: -12.93% πŸ”» πŸ‘Ύ #IOTA 24h volume: $7,257,322
Thu Nov 21 13:35:16 +0000 2019
We're up and running 😏 Right now on $LTC -5.08% $BNB -6.57% $XLM -6.72% $TRX -6.11% $ADA -5.54% $LINK -6.12% $MIOTA -5.47% $ONT -6% $VET -10.40%
Thu Nov 21 13:03:42 +0000 2019
Top price gainers of the past hour (Top 100 market cap) $SNX $XIN $KBC $MIOTA $CHZ
Thu Nov 21 12:59:32 +0000 2019
$LPCN OVERSOLD gem! PREMARKET giftπŸ’ΈπŸ“ˆ #startup #money #stocks #crypto #Blockchain #ETH #bitcoin #ICO #xrp $usdt $qtum $xem $miota $bch $nem $drgn $wtc $gas $vyst $icx $ven $neo $eos $ven $xmr $srn $snm $ppt $zec $R $LSK $PLR $xrb $wtc $andi $hpnn $rsii $clka $hiph $tops $pfe
Thu Nov 21 12:47:56 +0000 2019
We're up and running 😏 Right now on $LTC -5.08% $BNB -6.57% $XLM -6.72% $TRX -6.11% $ADA -5.54% $LINK -6.12% $MIOTA -5.47% $ONT -6% $VET -10.40%
Thu Nov 21 12:13:32 +0000 2019
Fluctuation of major coins (past 1 H) πŸ’§β€΅ $BTC Bitcoin -0.71% πŸ’§β€΅ $ETH Ethereum -1.83% πŸ’§β€΅ $XRP XRP -0.33% πŸ’§β€΅ $XLM Stellar -0.46% πŸ’§β€΅ $ADA Cardano -0.50% πŸ’§β€΅ $MIOTA IOTA -1.04% πŸ’§β€΅ $EOS EOS -0.81% πŸ’§β€΅ $LTC Litecoin -0.38% More ranking...
Thu Nov 21 12:02:49 +0000 2019
Go fucking kill yourself, $BNB is so much better than $MIOTA
Thu Nov 21 11:44:10 +0000 2019
Thu Nov 21 11:43:26 +0000 2019
Top volume gainers of the past hour (Top 100 market cap) $MIOTA $EKT $MIN $FTT $LUNA
Thu Nov 21 11:07:33 +0000 2019
πŸ“‰ Biggest Losers (1 hr) πŸ“‰ THETA $THETA -2.7% ❄️ Verge $XVG -2.55% ❄️ DigiByte $DGB -2.52% ❄️ IOTA $MIOTA -2.43% ❄️ Bitcoin Diamond $BCD -2.18% ❄️
Thu Nov 21 11:00:24 +0000 2019
Days Page Follower % Change Page Tweets % Change
7 Days trending_up 0.03% trending_up 0.60%
30 Days trending_up 0.37% trending_up 5.02%


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TOTAL COMBINED MIOTA volumn: 432,029,836 USD

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